Dr. Dawnn Karen

Fashion Psychologist

Dr. Dawnn Karen


 Pioneer of the Fashion Psychology Field®

CEO of Fashion Psychology Success

Founder of the Fashion Psychology Institute® 

Professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology


The Fashion Psychology Field®  is a newly applied academic discipline focused on the study and treatment of color, beauty, style, image and shape and its affect on human behavior while addressing cultural sensitivities and cultural norms.

The Times has declared her as "The World's First Fashion Psychologist", The New York Times has dubbed her as "The Dress Doctor", Crixeo called her "The Mother of Fashion Psychology" and The Guardian has referred to her as "The Wardrobe Whisperer."  

Upon graduating from Teachers College, Columbia University in 2012,

Dawnn Karen founded the Fashion Psychology Field®. She has been the pioneering mind behind this global field since then, paving the way forward in fashion academia.

She is a former model, fashion public relations representative, and designer. She traveled to the Middle East and Asia to extend the research on her theories under the Fashion Psychology Field® and she worked extensively with clients to expand her field. She also wrote for international publications. She decided to turn her focus toward lecturing and speaking engagements since she returned to the United States. Her most notable speaking engagements include the Teachers College, Columbia University, Bowling Green State University,  Kyiv Security Forum per request of Former Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatensyuk and Former First Lady Tereza Yatensyuk, United Nation's Empower Women just to name a few.

As a Fashion Psychologist, she has contributed to mass media in more than 40+ countries.

Her most notable interviews include The Washington Post (United States),

Vogue Business (United Kingdom), Vanity Fair (Italia), Hello Mag (India), Damernas Vard (Sweden) Tatler (Hong Kong),  Bazaar (Kuwait), The Globe and Mail (Canada), The Financial Times (United Kingdom), Talk Radio Europe (Spain), Style Rotate (South Africa), The Morning Show (Australia), Good Morning Britain, Good Morning America, and many many more.

  Ultimately, she has made history as the pioneer of the Fashion Psychology Field® (2010), as one of the youngest professors and first black woman psychology professor in the Social Sciences Department at the Fashion Institute of Technology (2014), by founding the first online institute Fashion Psychology Institute (2015) and by publishing the field's book Dress Your Best Life (US Edition & UK Edition, available in 4 languages and 22 countries) (2020).

Dawnn Karen specializes in “styling from the inside out and by bridging the gap between perception and reality.”


At Fashion Psychology Success, her services are customized to meet the needs of professionals across any industry. Fashion Psychology Field® addresses a variety of clients’ internal to external needs, ranging from personal development, relationships, online dating, career advancement, identifying one’s signature look, creative direction on commercials and campaigns.






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