Klarna and Dawnn Karen


Fashion Psychology Success clients include but are not limited to corporations, C-level executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, musicians, Hollywood entertainers, international dignitaries, New York City judges, and politicians. 
***Due to the sensitive nature of client psychological assessments all client information is confidential.***

Featured Clients


Guten Morgen Deutchsland X Dawnn Karen


Figat7th X Dawnn Karen

Klarna with A$AP Rocky and Dawnn Karen

Klarna with A$AP Rocky X The Dress Doctor


Pallante X Dawnn Karen


Honey X Dawnn Karen

Natalie Hooper Kayani

NXT Level Fit X Dawnn Karen


Cosmopolitan X Dawnn Karen


Good Morning America X Dawnn Karen

chris rob

Chris Rob X Dawnn Karen

The Empty Hanger

The Empty Hanger X Dawnn Karen


Bazaar X Dawnn Karen

general electric

General Electric X Dawnn Karen

shop til you drop

Shop Til You Drop X Dawnn Karen